75th Anniversary of the Kansas City Museum

The Kansas City Museum, known as Corinthian Hall is celebrating a milestone birthday! The KC Museum was the home of RA Long, a lumber baron from Kentucky and  was finished in 1910 using craftsmen from Italy to create the intricate woodwork inside and the faces of the Greek Gods on the outside. It is an absolute thing of beauty both inside and out and the view of KC is breathtaking

This magnificent historical landmark in Kansas City is in the process of major renovations and almost all of its artifacts are in storage, however the tours they offer on Wednesday through Saturday at 10:30 &  2:00 showcase the beauty of the home and architecture which is fascinating on its own. The Kansas City Museum is about to embark on another chapter in the 75th year of its “Museumhood”. Things are happening fast since the Kansas City Parks & Recreation started managing the museum and they have hired another director who comes with an impressive career of museum transformation from Chicago and other cities and the plan is to make the museum stand out as it deserves!  They have added central air and heat, refurbished the stained glass throughout, replaced the windows and doors, replaced the roof,  added an elevator, and added  UV protection glass. Corinthian Hall will be turned into a museum that features the Long Family home in it’s original form along with several moving exhibits and education rooms. Next week, the sign on the front that says The Kansas City Museum of History and Science will be removed. They predict the museum will be fully finished in three to five years but will continue to have many activities including their concerts on the lawn, their Halloween trick-or-treating (which my kids loved when they were young) and much more. Their anniversary event will be in October and is said to feature the participation of many Kansas City restaurants and be fun for all ages.

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