Lunch with Mom

One of Mom’s favorite lunch spot is SPIN!  and considering that I’m a firm believer that there is no bad pizza, I cannot believe I had never been there! We met at the Crown Center location and I had my heart set on eating outside near the fountains. However, considering that it was near (or over) 100 degrees heat index, we had to settle for eating inside within view of the water. It seemed that everyone in Kansas City decided to congregate at Crown Center that day and it was very busy. There seemed to be a lot of confusion over how they would deliver our meal (we were planning to take it “to go” but we were told it would be a 35 minute wait as opposed to a 15 minute wait if we ate in the store. I think it turned out to be around 30 minutes anyway!) I don’t know if the “misunderstanding” was a result of an exceptionally busy day or just the growing pains of a new location. Either way, the food was worth it. I chose the Mini Mia – the lunch & dinner special for $9.45 which gets you a mini pizza of your choice and a salad. Mine was the formaggi semplice, cheese and a caesar salad. absolutely amazing crust and a delicious combination of mozzarella, provolone and fontina cheeses. The salad was the perfect companion. SPIN! is a special addition (with several locations in Kansas City) for a delicious and very affordable lunch or dinner – and I can’t wait to try their happy hour!11705262_10207334832918558_5451412363062399869_n

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