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One of my favorite things to do is getting engrossed in a good book! Because of my perfect reading spot in my swing on the front porch (which is shaded for most of the day, so it’s cool on even the hottest of days) summer is my all time fave season in which to do so. I can easily go through 10-20 books in a given summer. This takes me back to my childhood where some of my best memories are of me reading my Nancy Drew books, drinking Coke out of a glass bottle and sucking on cinnamon oil toothpicks. Wow, did I age myself?!

I have a degree in history so I’ve read my fair share of non-fiction historical books, and yes, I guess this makes me a total geek, but I love those. But when I luxuriate (yes, that’s a word, looked it up!) on my porch, I read historical fiction. I absolutely adore going back to ancient Egypt, 19th century America or in the palace of Henry the VIII. I will go to the library often (favorite library is Liberty’s Woodneath Library attached to a 19th century house – so cool!) and gather a dozen or so books to devour, but then I feel sad to have to take them back. I much prefer to keep and collect my books and I have a few bookshelves full of them.

A little behind on my reading list this summer, I have managed to read four amazing books – Paris, by Edward Rutherfurd, Hidden in Paris, by Corrine Gantz, Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana De Rosnay, and Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder (Thanks Mom!) I have a more to read stacked up on my end table that I will finish before the summer is over. What is on your summer reading list?

By the way, the library is an excellent free activity for the kiddos. Every library has a weekly story time for young children 20150723_114223and afterwards, let them pick out some books to check out! Spread out a blanket with some lunch in a nearby park and read to them as they enjoy the sunshine.

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