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20150710_180737This journey I’ve had in the creation of this blog has been a long one full of indecision, procrastination and self-doubt, but here I am, sitting on my front porch writing this first post after staying up very late last night creating the “bones” of this diary of sorts. This is me, writing about the things that bring me joy! After all, we only live once and we don’t know how long that may be, so it may as well be a full enriching life – whatever that means. To me, it is my family, my friends, my city, other cities and FOOD.

I am at an interesting stage in life where 2 of my three children are out of the house trying to find their own way and one will be 17 here in a week or so and wants very little to do with us! So my wonderful husband and I act as tourists in our own city – exploring and devouring its incredible food. My mom and I spend at least one day a week enjoying a lunch in new places, or sometimes old favorites. And I rarely turn down a girls’ night out where we, you guessed it, eat food and drink wine!

When my children were little, we didn’t stay at home everyday watching TV. ┬áThe summers especially were filled with things we could do on the cheap – library events like storytime, trips to museums, petting zoos, walking paths and picnics and I never got bored with this city. Except for the five years that I lived in Chicago (I graduated high school there) I lived in Kansas City all my life and I’m still discovering things I never knew about! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TO TRAVEL! I have been very fortunate to have visited many places and most recently, Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence, Pompey and the Amalfi coast in Italy and I’m still in love with them! But I always come back with a feeling of appreciation for my Kansas City! I hope you enjoy my adventures in eating, doing and just living life in Kansas City!

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3 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. I am so excited to see this blog. I too grew up in Kansas City and find that now with all my time away late in life that I never really appreciated the city I lived in. I am looking forward to retiring and coming home so right now I will live back in Kansas City through you. Thank you again for creating this blog.

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